Behind the camera

Everyday, I am invited into peoples’ lives to celebrate the ordinary and the extraordinary moments that define them. Throughout my twenty-year evolution as a photographer, I have learned that providing truly great images goes way beyond technical expertise. It requires insight, intuition, and the ability to connect on an emotional level. I believe that the more authentic the connection, the more enduring the image.

I am always excited and honored to work with clients to bring their vision into focus. I’m also committed to not taking myself too seriously and making sure that everyone has a lot of fun in the process. I am grateful for the journey photography has taken me on. From my formal training in photojournalism, to teaching with some of the world's best photographers at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, receiving international exposure through published work, and having simple, genuine interactions with my clients, photography continues to enrich my life.


I am fueled daily by the fantastic best friend I had at 18 who is now my husband. We have two amazing daughters and love living in the gorgeous Sun Valley, Idaho area. Every season has a beautifully distinct personality. Depending on the time of year, you might find us riding our bikes into town for a summer concert, snowshoeing together in the winter, or wrestling in our living room… regardless of what we do, there are always lots of belly laughs!

I have such a great team behind the scenes, from my studio manager Beth who keeps me on track, my talented associated photographers Christina, Amanda and Bekka, my hardworking editors Rhiv and Rachel, my bookkeeper Brooke, and of course, there’s also my husband Gurmeet, who knows way too much about Lightroom presets, color profiles and frame choices.  




 “Gerri’s mother passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 102. We are so grateful that we had the whole family together last Christmas and we are doubly thankful that we had the amazing Dev Khalsa come over to capture the occasion. Dev, I'm sure you already know this, but I hope this helps you understand just how special and important your talent is in people's lives.”

— Mike